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Masoud Jafaripour , MD, FACS is double board certified having earned certification in Otolaryngology and in the subspecialty of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been named a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon in Isfahan city,Iran.
Doctor Masoud Jafaripour, MD, FACS provides a full range of Facial Plastic Surgery procedures at Ordibehesht Facial Plastic Surgery and ENT clinic including facelift, non-surgical facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), nasal surgery, eyelid surgery, otoplasty (ear pinning), forehead lift (browlift), neck lifts, facial paralysis surgery, facial fat grafting, and sleep apnea surgery.
Non-surgical cosmetic treatments include dermal fillers and injectables for lip augmentation, botox and dysport, and fraxel laser skin resurfacing.
An experienced and nationally respected surgeon, he has an experience of over 3500 successful cases of rhinoplasty (nose job) and he is familiar with all kind of noses.
Doctor Masoud Jafaripour strives for a natural appearance in both his aging face surgery and rhinoplasty operations. His goal is for his patients to look refreshed and younger yet keep their natural facial appearance. A conservative approach is the key to his success using time tested techniques to help avoid complications and an unnatural look. Dr Jafaripour’s rhinoplasty philosophy emphasizes strong nasal support to ensure a predictable long-term outcome. As such, structural grafting is a fundamental component of a strong nasal framework.

Step by step in nose surgery

1. Consultation with the surgeon
In this step, the patient asks the surgeon a few questions about nose surgery, cost, anesthesia, type of nose and time of discharge from hospital and the surgeon answers the questions very carefully and kindly.
2. Observation of other patients' photos
In this step, the patient can see some of the selected'' before and after of the surgeon's patients'' and can discuss about his/her surgery. (The patient can see only other people's photos that have been consented for broadcasting.)
3. The decision for nose surgery
The patient pays some money as a deposit and specifies the date of surgery and then 6 photos of his/her face would be taken in the office.
4. Laboratory tests
The surgeon would write necessary laboratory tests and the patient would do these tests in the medical laboratory.
5. Schedule the date of surgery
In this stage, the patient can see computer simulated nose photos in his/her face in the office and he/she can discuss the kind of the nose that the patient would like to be at the end of the surgery. The patient receives the hospital admission forms from the surgeon and 3 day before surgery the patient would go to hospital and do some admission papers in the hospital.
6. at the date of surgery
The nose surgery will be done at the hospital by the surgeon and in the afternoon, the patients can discharge from the hospital.
7. after nose surgery
Nasal tampons will be exited from the patient's nose after 3 days and at the specified date the patient can go to the office for examination and maybe changing of nose splint.
8. Training
After removing of nose splint, the surgeon would explain carefully to the patient" how to tape the nose" and other necessary information after surgery.

Nose Surgery Images

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